story of my life.

So I’m back to drawing again and it’s actually not so bad. I’m really enjoying using my talents and getting a tangible result. Watching Naruto again is also a really great feeling. I feel like I’m back in touch with the  characters and my Narutardness. I even watched some Beesnipe yesterday Oh, the nostalgia. MTAC is in two weeks and I’m crazy excited. I have like, no money to spend, but I’m sure it’ll be fun, just the same. I’m still excited for Dollywood, me and Marina are going to have tons of fun. c: Hopefully I get my car door handle fixed shortly It will be a huge relief. 

Got new art supplies today, and I’m really happy. Using them to draw and detail is the best thing ever. I can’t wait to fill my sketch book with good drawings. I got in an Xbox live party with Zach, and he sounds really irritated. He’s intimidating, and a dream crusher. MTAC is only 10 days away and I’m extremely excited. I have no money saved, which is depressing, but I’m sure I will have a good time regardless. 


I take that back. I went though a box containing old notes and such from middle school to freshman year. Boy, was I such a loser.I am crazy ashamed of how things were back then. Mom says it’s just me being a kid, but man, was I a loser. I wonder if I’ll ever look back at this journal in 4-5 years from now and hate my current self, too. Today I filed my taxes - my second time doing so. It was crazy annoying and I ended up having to pay $68. Talk about heated. My mom took care of it for me, though, cause she’s the best.

Sometimes I wish I was still young and stupid. So much crap to do as an adult that smoking hookah and getting into rated- R movies doesn’t really make it worthwhile. I sure hope I make something good out of my life so that I can be happy. 

The only things that really make me happy are video games and anime. I seriously doubt I can get a job doing either of those things.

Not really much more to say, so toodles.

PS. My mom has the strangest habit of talking to herself. 


So I don’t really have anything in mind whilst starting this, but I feel as though I should start with something. x3 As much as I dislike writing about how I feel, I really enjoy being able to “go back in time.” I’m super close with Marina and Colton, ‘cause they’re awesome peeps. They definitely make me feel better on a bad day. Currently I’m single, Kalvin may or may not be the one for me. The idea of a really cute European boyfriend is awesome, but like most other guys, he can annoy the hell out of me at times. I feel like it’s an all or nothing with Johnny, either I be his girlfreind or not be friends with him at all. That’s always extremely annoying… Then there is Dillon. He’s cute and funny, but I don’t think that him and I have the same ideas for a relationship. Still, he’s relatively close and doesn’t stay on my nerves like white on rice. Also, he’s great to watch movies with, and I imagine he’s a great cuddler. ;)

I’m crazy excited about quite a few things currently, and it keeps me going. Number one: MTAC! Hopefully that will be a big enough fix to last me until July. I need to get my dresses done. 

I’m also excited for Dollywood with Marina. It’s gonna be so much fun.  Hopefully she gets to come, cause it gets old going to fairs and theme parks by myself. It sucks since me and mom never have anything in common. :(

Sometimes (most of the time) I wish we had similar interests so we could do things together. It sucks when the only thing you guys have in common is shopping. (Even though I don’t really like shopping, but whatever.) 

We hardly even have things to talk about. She likes watching tv, and shopping. We don’t watch the same things. I want to bond with her, but I don’t know how? I don’t really like her being lonely. :/ I dunno.

Recently, I sprained my knee, and its finally getting better. Hopefully I can get back to work, that would be awesome. Current obsessions: Skyrim, drawing, chilling,and Buddy Rush.

PS. Do girls keep up with their periods?